A Night of Fun and Mystery at Post 19

Murder in Margaritaland – Mystery Dinner at Post 19

Congratulations to our super sleuths for solving the mystery and winning the “Smoking Gun Award”:  Mary Cunningham, Cindy Ashley and Kathy Wingfield, Rhonda Atwater,  Jamey and Shane.  The “Dressed to Kill Award” went to Scott Harrison.  Lynn “Atch” Atchison and Rhonda Atwater won “Best Drama Queen” and Ray Grass won “Ruthless and Rich”.

 A big thank you to Michael, Rod and Matt with the Sons of the American Legion for cooking dinner for this event!   Kristie Harrison checking in to the island resort.  She was a paparazzi ready to capture everything!

Jeff Barber as “Jack Daniels”

Lynn “Atch” Atchison as Sgt. Lord.

Jean and Jim Germer as honeymooner’s : Mike and Margie Mooner.    Larry Atwater as “Life Savin’ Sam” the resort life guard and Rhonda Atwater as “Kylie Cocktail” a cocktail waitress at the resort.

Michael Thomas as “Thurston Howard III” a millionaire and Veronica Thomas as “Candy Cotton” the millionaire’s girlfriend.

Randy Sparks checking into the island resort.  

Ray and Pat Grass as “Coconut Joe” and “Coconut Jane” the owner’s of the resort.

Skip overseeing margarita operations.

Marsha taking care of all of us!

Friends at the bar!

Scott Harrison as “Sandy Beachbum” mingling with his fans before dinner.

“Island Natives” Nancy Roche and Jennifer Wilson and Monica Jacobs as a “Fire dancer”

Sheri Barber as “Bindy Barkeep” the resort bar manager and Jamey as “Starr Bright” the movie star.

Jessica Capes as “Tatum Tatt” the tattoo artist and Shawn Capes as “Lucky Numbers” the lottery winner.

Mary Cunningham checking in as a resort guest – it was also her birthday!  Everyone at the resort sang Happy Birthday to her.

Jamey as “Starr Bright”, Shane as “Agent Hollywood” and Kim as “Izzie Islander”.

The Sons of the American Legion made a fabulous feast.

Daryl Enloe as a “Surfer” checking into the resort.

It has begun!  

Sgt. Lord (“Atch”) getting to the bottom of things.

What is Coconut Joe buying?

Paparazzi (Kristie Harrison) working on a hot story as she talks to the bar manager (Sheri Barber) and a bus boy (John Jacobs).  Think they will spill some beans?

Surfers Daryl Enloe as “Dude” and Scott Harrison as “Sandy Beachbum”.

Monica Jacobs as a “Fire Dancer”

Tatum Tatt giving Sandy Beachbum a tattoo.


“Stay back!  We have a crime scene!”

Sarah Graham as “Managing Mo” (Sandy Beachbum’s manager.).

Congratulations to our award winners!

Several members of the Fun Committee.